The Motorcycle and Model Railroad Museum of Wisconsin, Inc, was founded in 2002 with the goals of preserving and restoring vintage motorcycles 15 years old and older, vintage railroad artifacts, as well as to build and display a 3,000 square foot HO scale model railroad layout that has a focus on the Green Bay and Western and Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railroads, along with narrow gauge Colorado railroads. This freelance layout incorporates many buildings from the Green Bay area, but also hundreds of custom structures including skyscrapers, an open pit ore mine, a large ore dock with Great Lakes freighters, a 33 stall roundhouse, a four lane expressway that crosses the entire layout, modern arch and suspension bridges, a modern airport complete with modern jets, the SS CITY OF MIDLAND 41 carferry, and a 40,000 seat HO scale baseball/football stadium that is lit with over 1,000 LED lights and has a working jumbotron scoreboard in center field. The layout is meant to be something “different” from a lot of the “cookie cutter” layouts that one may see with repeating themes or buildings. While the M & MRM does not have a permanent home at this time, goals are to build its’ own facility at some point in the near future to house the entire collection and a permanent home for the JMD Plastics and Hobby shop. All proceeds from sales of products at JMD Plastics and Hobby support the M&MRM. Currently, space is being donated to house the layout and collection. There are also several open house sessions during the year. We also have Monday night work sessions on the layout from 7PM-10PM.