“This was an absolute no-brainer for me. I spend several thousand dollars per year on model railroad supplies, as I am building a 24 x 40 foot layout in my basement in HO scale, plus I am a member of 2 different clubs. Buying at the dealer price has saved me between 40 and 70 percent on my products, depending on the items I have bought and what might be on sale from manufacturers at any given time. I HIGHLY recommend that people join this program!”-Jay Matthews, Wisconsin

“Anyone who doesn’t join this program needs their head examined! (laugh!) Seriously, though, the savings are tremendous! I bought a DCC/Sound engine, brand new in the box for $70 from a warehouse sale because I was a member of this program. It would have normally been close to $300. I bought a ton of track for my layout and paid about half of standard retail. I am constantly saving a ton of money paying dealer price, got a tax deduction when I made a donation to the Motorcycle and Model Railroad Museum, and earned a couple of $50 gift certificates to JMD Plastics when I referred two other people to the shop who joined the Dealer Price for Life Program as well. How can you go wrong?” -Jeff Tennyson, West Virginia

“I walked into the shop and was going to buy all of my DCC equipment for $2200. By joining the DPFL program, I paid just over $1,300 for the same items. Joining the program paid for itself just in that purchase alone, so why wouldn’t I want to join? I’d have been an idiot not to join!! In the five years since then, I have spent thousands of dollars on other locomotive, track, scenery, and supplies, and saved thousands I would have spent otherwise. Whether you spend lots or little on your layout, the savings are tremendous and add up quickly, plus there are lots of other benefits, too.”-Tom Morgan, Illinois

“I don’t buy lots of model railroad items, as I only buy things when a new item for my favorite railroads comes out (Chicago and Northwestern or Soo Line). JMD has always had the best prices, but when the JMD staff explained this program to me and I saw that I could save even more, and they helped me do the math, it made a lot of sense, even though I don’t always spend a lot every year. Some years I spend more than others, but this program allowed me to save a lot of money and spend a little more on some of the other things I wanted that I might not have been able to buy, too, so it was a plus for me to join and I am very happy with my decision.” -Mark Harper, North Dakota

“A lot of people, including myself, are really happy with the huge savings by joining the DPFL program, but I really like the individual attention and service I get and how the DPFL members are made to feel special. I get a huge break on my custom modeling projects and decoder installs, not to mention that all of the supplies needed for these projects, like the decoders or modeling supplies used come at dealer cost, too. I give them the product numbers of what I need when I order, and they take care of it and send things out as soon as they arrive. If there is a question, the call me or email me. DPFL members really get special attention!” -Sam Michels, Pennsylvania


“I bought an 8 oz. jar of Instant Track Tack It at your show in Indianapolis this past month and tried it out the next day. WOW!! So simple, and a great bond of my track to the roadbed. No mess, and I was running trains 24 hours later without even having to clean the track!”–Jay Mason, Indiana

“I bought your track laying tools (HO kit) last year at Trainfest and thought you might like to see some pictures of what I have done with them. GREAT TOOLS! I had my five track curve down in about 40 minutes, and it is PERFECT! The trains run through great. It would have taken a full day or more using the old method. Thanks for inventing these, and thanks for the superelevation tip using your styrene, too!–Roger Greene, Wisconsin

“We wanted to try your styrene for our model trucks. Some of the styrene we have bought in the past does not work well with our laser cutter. Yours stood up to the task. We will be buying in bulk from now on.”–Jordan Proctor–Minnesota

“OH WOW!!! I can FINALLY fill my passenger cars with realistic people insted of paying through the nose for one set from the local hobby shop! Thanks for bringing your bulk HO people to the Chicago show. I will be reordering more and am telling all of the guys in our club!”–Roger Jamison, Indiana

“I purchased an HO track laying tools set from you at Trainfest. I was not sure how to make a 40″ radius curve with just the 36″ trackit. After your video showed me how I am now confident to start my track laying this month. Thank you again for an excellent video.”–Bob Teuber, Illinois

“Thanks for the tip, this is what I did with your track guides I traced the center line of the track and laid the cork with that as a guide only I used Elmers glue instead of liquid nails. Then I lay the track on the cork using your plastic templates to ensure an accurate radius and my tangents have never looked better. I love your track tools. I am going to be gone for a few days near the end of March but hope to be back in time for the Rockford show and if I don’t see you there, I will order your ballast glue on line. Thanks again for the reply.”–Greg Palko, Illinois

“I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday at the Mad City show. The timing was good for my plastic needs at this moment! We will talk again. Thanks again.”–John Dornfeld-Depots By John, Milwaukee, WI

“Just a note to say thank you for shipping my order which arrived yesterday. When I get the file boxes done I’ll send you pictures.”–Joe Ringbauer

“I have given your name, address & phone number to a number of people because I personally believe you guys are doing a real service to the railroad modeling people and especially to people like myself who do not have deep pockets.  Keep up the good work and thank you !!!”–Larry L. Zarling