In addition to the standard sizes of styrene sheets that JMD Plastics and Hobby offers in white, black, and clear, we can do a custom cut size for you if a larger/special size is needed.

There is no cost for the cutting! Cutting is FREE! You only pay for the styrene!

The price for a custom cut sheet is determined by the square inch. For example, if you took one of our standard .040″ thick, 6″ x 12″ white styrene sheets and figured out the cost per square inch, it comes to about 2 cents per square inch.

Thus, as an example, if you needed a 30″ x 40″ sheet of .040″ white, that’s 1200 square inches. At 2 cents per square inch, your cost would be $24.

Call us toll free at 888-249-7943 for custom cut orders. All custom cuts must be paid for in advance so we do not waste product. Thinner sheets can be rolled and shipped. Small size sheets can be boxed and shipped. Thicker, larger sheets have to be shipped flat, and weight/size is a factor in shipping costs. We can not quote shipping on custom styrene orders until they are weighed and packaged. Large sheets may require palletized/truck shipping. You may also pick up custom cut sheets at our shop to save shipping expense.