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Styrene Tack It-1 oz by JMD Plastics and Hobby

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The JMD Plastics answer to the question “is there a product that works as well as Tenax 7R that is less costly and always available?” The answer is YES! When production of Tenax became spotty or stopped, (which it recently did again in 2017 for the 3rd time!) we developed our own brand to fill the void. With our Styrene-Tack-It, you get the same quality of styrene plastic bonder that dries in just a few seconds. Also works on other plastics like acrylic. Let a bead of Styrene-Tack-It run into your joint through capillary action (we recommend applying it with a small, thin bristle, paint brush) and hold your joint for a few seconds as the pieces fuse together.


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